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Orion Welders is dedicated to bringing you the best possible welders on the market. To help you better understand our products, we have provided the following resources:

  • Product Specific Resources – The user manuals, data sheets, and quick start guides are always available online for everyone to use.  Click a product line to jump straight to the resources you need:  Orion Pulse i Series, Orion s Series, Orion c Series.
  • Metal Specific Resources – Learn more about specific metals and their characteristics when being welded.  Includes information, videos, and recommendations for a variety of metals.
  • Training and Techniques – Loaded with general welding principles as well as specific application techniques and tricks that will allow users to fully maximize their Orion Welders.

Metal Properties

One very important aspect of Pulse Arc welding is a working knowledge of material properties. This knowledge will help you understand why various metals will react differently during the welding process.


This is a great video that covers many different metal welding properties that are common for anyone interested in an Orion Welder. 

Orion Weld Properties

Why Orion?

Learn more about our story, about who we are, and why so many people choose Orion Welders for their welding needs.


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