Orion i Series - Intelligent Welding

An evolution in micro pulse arc welding! Built on the stability of the Orion platform – the Orion 200i² (Patent D740,338) takes that next leap forward by delivering the most innovative and versatile welder on the market today. The Orion 200i² features Orion’s proprietary Intelligent Welding™ technology. This technology simplifies the welding process by automatically adjusting weld settings for any metal or application. In addition, users can experience interactive touch screen navigation, high-frequency agitation for difficult-to-weld metals like palladium, adaptive weld ignition for longer electrode life, a rapid-fire setting for laser like welding, and more.

As with other Orion welders, the Orion 200i² utilizes two different welding technologies – Pulse Arc and Tack. The Tack Mode uses resistance welding technology with up to 200 watt-seconds of energy. The Tack Mode is perfect for temporary placement or permanent fusion welding. The Pulse Arc Mode uses pulse–arc welding technology and consists of four distinct energy ranges – Ultra, Micro, Nano, and Pico. The Ultra energy range uses up to 200 joules of energy for projects that require deeper penetration or a larger spot size. The Micro energy range uses up to 30 joules of energy and is perfect for moderate penetration and more delicate pieces. The Nano energy range controls from 2.5 – 5 joules of energy. The Pico energy range controls from 0.01 – 2.5 joules of energy and is fantastic for extremely fine welding. By using the Orion’s weld modes and energy ranges together, users can experience the most versatile and complete welding system available.

Finally, the Orion 200i² is completely updateable and upgradable. As new enhancements, features, videos, and techniques are made and developed, Orion owners will be able to update their Orion to have the latest software configurations available.

The Orion 200i² continues the Orion legacy by providing the most high-tech, versatile, and affordable welding solution on the market today.

Orion 200i²

The Orion 200i2 (Patent D740,338) is packed with new features that will simplify the welding needs of any jeweler, goldsmith, or silversmith. Innovative new features include – the new Pico weld mode for intricate welds as small as 0.01 Joules of energy, to achieve truly microscopic weld joints; user selectable up to 200 joules of energy for large silver or platinum pieces; a large 10” touch screen interface with one-touch access to all welding parameters; the ultimate space saving design; and 3 unique pulse shape wave form options to choose from: Classic Orion (for Orion users that have come to love welds produced by the Orion 150i), Triangle (for weld smoothing), and Square (laser like welding). And introducing the new Seam mode—a revolutionary breakthrough in micro pulse arc welding. Seam mode allows users to mimic laser welding with weld speeds up to 30 welds/sec. The patent pending Orion 200i2 gives you the precision and speed of a laser with the versatility, power, and ease of a pulse arc welder.